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How Do You Place Yourself When the Internet is Everywhere? Smart Cities and the Era of Gestures

Zaheer Nooruddin (Head of Digital Innovation, Asia, Golin) delivered one of the most forward-thinking presentations of ad:tech China. Despite his panel being entitled “The Future of Creative Communications”, the core themes he touched on resonated with some of the initiatives of today which Steven Chang (Corporate Vice President, Tencent) revealed to the audience, including WeChat-enabled… Read more »

Gideen Music 3.0 Service Offers A New Model For Syncs?

What is it? “Gideen is the first breed of a new 3.0 music company that aligns economic interests between music makers, music marketers, and music users, simply by working together and sharing future music income.” Gideen claims it offers the following value propositions: Provides a secondary marketplace for music. Shares music income with the people who are able to promote the songs using their… Read more »

The Rise of Mobility

Having encountered a number of fascinating articles lately that all seem to converge around the theme of mobility and how mobile devices are slowly rendering the desktop obsolete, this article brings into question the future of websites themselves. Following on from some of Mitch Joel’s observations (President of Twist Image) if the computer could be… Read more »

NEWS BITE: Internet Addiction in China – Are Businesses Responsible Too?

A documentary entitled “Web Junkie” has recently been teased, and looks set to be a real eye opener. As Internet access in China becomes increasingly widespread thanks to the introduction of cheap smartphones and improvement of domestic broadband services, the issue of addiction amongst youths has made its way onto the public radar. We don’t… Read more »