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Gideen Music 3.0 Service Offers A New Model For Syncs?

What is it? “Gideen is the first breed of a new 3.0 music company that aligns economic interests between music makers, music marketers, and music users, simply by working together and sharing future music income.” Gideen claims it offers the following value propositions: Provides a secondary marketplace for music. Shares music income with the people who are able to promote the songs using their… Read more »

NEWS BITE: Beijing In The Loop

Well, commuting just became way more interesting. A new ‘user-made’ radio app called LOOP Beijing has just been launched, with the goal of providing the perfect soundtrack to your bus ride, or at least that’s what we’ve established from the creators: “LOOP Beijing uses the existing infrastructure of public bus transit as a significant space… Read more »

Crossing Boundaries: China Music Radar on SOTX Expo and Festival

China Music Radar recently reported back on Sound Of The Xity Expo and Festival in Beijing. Though many diverse topics were covered, including; the latest developments in digital music services, copyright, new business models for the live sector, and what stars like Hao Yun (郝云) get up to, the grand narrative that links them all… Read more »

Microfilm Killed The Movie Star

The rapid improvements within user-generated content creation have led to the establishment of the ‘microfilm’ as an entirely new genre of film. The hackneyed rhetoric of the Internet empowering creatives by reducing the barriers to entry becomes further bolstered by the reality that now more than ever, individuals can use the microfilm format to establish… Read more »