Chinese Youths Lighten Up, But Are State-Controlled Media Corps Ready To Play?

A recent feature published by China Daily gave some very interesting anecdotal stories that highlight some of the contrasting tendencies of the post-90s vs post-80s generations. The article claims post-90s: Have an “easy” relationship with social media as they were born at a time when the Internet was already established. Weigh up their decisions based… Read more »’s Big Push Offline

As an online music hub, has been covering the on-goings of China’s music industry since 2009, providing Chinese-language recommendations and quality editorial for true music fans. Now they’re branching out into the offline world through two initiatives: Wooozy Offline, and the Wooozy Weekender. The team behind Wooozy have continued to work at their promise… Read more »

News Bite: The Cheap Tricks Of Chinese PR

Beijing Cream recently reported on some of the latest PR scandals that have taken place of late. One of them concerned a viral “Escort for Travel” story that involved a young woman who was offering her body in return for financial assistance to travel the country. The story transpired to be a “viral soft advertisement”… Read more »

News Bite: Is Weibo Going Out of Fashion?

HuXiu recently posted an interesting argument that suggests micro-messaging platform Sina Weibo – along with its competitors – are going out of fashion. HuXiu references a report by CNNIC that shows as of June 2014, the total number of users of all Weibos decreased 1.9% to 275 million users. Read more here.

News Bite: Chinese Social App Momo Next in Line for IPO

Chinese social app Momo has done a lot over the last year or so to strategically reposition itself. Formerly renowned in the mainland for being a first port of call for those looking to “hook-up”, the service now offers more comprehensive social features with monetization occurring through gaming, membership subscriptions and emoticon sales amongst other… Read more »