How Do You Place Yourself When the Internet is Everywhere? Smart Cities and the Era of Gestures

Zaheer Nooruddin (Head of Digital Innovation, Asia, Golin) delivered one of the most forward-thinking presentations of ad:tech China. Despite his panel being entitled “The Future of Creative Communications”, the core themes he touched on resonated with some of the initiatives of today which Steven Chang (Corporate Vice President, Tencent) revealed to the audience, including WeChat-enabled… Read more »

The Shift from Content Sponsorship to Investment in IP

Businesses have realised the importance of content, and are now working to create and/or buy-out IP to realise increased value. We can approach this shift from two vantages: that of digital media platforms, and that of brands (this angle will be explored in the next article). China Music Radar has been keenly watching the situation develop… Read more »

Ad:tech Review: Building Brand in China and the Shift to Storytelling

Preface In this series of articles, we try to pull together the meta-narratives that ran through ad:tech China from the 16-17th April. Ad:tech is a conference geared toward bringing together the best of the digital marketing industry for two days of talks, networking opportunities and exhibitions. Split United MD Archie Hamilton was invited to participate… Read more »