NEWS BITE: Beijing In The Loop

Well, commuting just became way more interesting. A new ‘user-made’ radio app called LOOP Beijing has just been launched, with the goal of providing the perfect soundtrack to your bus ride, or at least that’s what we’ve established from the creators: “LOOP Beijing uses the existing infrastructure of public bus transit as a significant space… Read more »

NEWS BITE: Xiaomi Lets Fans do the Talking

The recent news that Xiaomi (one of China’s major smartphone makers) is adopting a marketing strategy that doesn’t leverage typical high-profile celebrity endorsements provides encouraging evidence that some APAC businesses are becoming more nuanced in the ways they approach their markets. According to a recent post from Marketing Interactive, Xiaomi will let its fans do… Read more »

NEWS BITE: Adidas x Death Grips

Adidas secures a sync with anti-establishment punk band Death Grips. It’s an interesting angle – the music is very edgy however the act itself drew criticism for abruptly disbanding earlier this year. Death Grips left avid fans nothing but a Facebook post featuring a tissue with a note scribbled down explaining their brief exit from… Read more »