Think Blue is the range of Volkswagen products with an environmental focus: namely fuel efficiency through clever design.

With a history of promoting good environmental practices (Think Blue 2012, Eco Design Fair, Wood+Wires Festival), Splatter were delighted to work with VW Think Blue on one of the most ambitious environmental campaigns in China to date.

As music experts in matching // connecting artists with content for brands, Splatter developed a creative strategy centered around the music of global superstar Jason Mraz.

Our experience and expertise of licensing and live touring was put to the test as we facilitated and contracted a deal between Jason and VW to include

  • a 12 month license to use hit song “I’m Yours” on a Think Blue commercial for main land China (see the advert)
  • 4 intimate “theatre” shows for Jason Mraz fans featuring full stadium production (Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shanghai and Beijing)
  • Artist participation in endorsement and PR activities