Volkswagen (VW) may have won over the public in terms of brand awareness (no doubt thanks to their first-mover advantage in the territory during the 80’s), but the brand enlisted the help of Splatter to better understand the domestic music market, and potential platforms for realising cost-effective mass audience reach.

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This global brand’s chief concern in China revolves around the question of how to build a deep relationship with the next generation of car buyers, as the current buying market segment exits its prime.

Naturally VW is empowered with the resources to make things happen on a grand scale, and as a best-of-breed consultancy, Splatter responded quickly to give a deep dive into this exciting yet complex industry.


Our team delivered a comprehensive white paper covering everything from the rationale for engaging with music, right down to the gaps in the infrastructure that provide exciting opportunities for fearless incumbents that have their eye on longer-term returns and positioning advantages.

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