In 2013 Splatter collaborated with Carlsberg’s Tuborg brand to launch the Tuborg Music Truck Tour. Over a five-month period, 160 events across 51 developing cities were executed. This was achieved by splitting the tour into three distinct routes, with three convertible tour buses staging events simultaneously in different cities. An average attendance rate of 1500 participants in each city was achieved using an integrated online communications strategy and on-the-ground promotion. The project garnered a total audience of approximately 240,000 and was unique in China for targeting emerging youth cultures beyond the 1st and 2nd tier cities. Following the success of this first year, the contract was renewed, and the campaign extended to 2014.


Tuborg wanted to reinforce the impression the brand had made in 2013, reaching out to China’s second and third-tier city beer market and positioning itself as the choice for cool and young adults.


  • Bring high-energy pop-up events to key cities along the Tuborg distribution network, which build positive associations with the target market, provide something for all in the community, and cause a palpable buzz in each city.
  •  Partner with key music festivals in the area – Strawberry and Greenfest – to build Tuborg branded mini warm-up festivals in satellite towns.
  • Allow audiences to experience a part of what the key music festival will be like, highlighting areas for Tuborg beer tasting, games, and contests that include music festival ticket prizes.

 Overview of Events

Strawberry pop-up events:

  • 3 regions, 3 cities, 5 spots
  •  Impressions: 520,000
  • Participants: 22,000

Greenfest pop-up events:

  •  3 regions, 5 cities, 10 spots
  • Impressions: 600,000
  • Participants: 14,000