Client:   Johnnie Walker

The project with Split Works was really a great experience. Not only because its  quick response, wide network, deep understanding of the music and fashion trend, but also the insights and value they bring.  Look forward to working with you soon.

John Deng, Customer & Shopper Planning Manager

In May 2012, the Johnnie Walker brand team asked Splatter to leverage off our deep understanding and engagement with Chinese youth to lead a nation-wide interactive validation campaign for a new branding concept.

Splatter ideated, created, planned, and executed a multi-week “tour” for Johnnie Walker’s key Executives in the Branding, Marketing, and Innovation teams. Together we traveled to Beijing, Guangzhou, Changsha, Wuhan and Chengdu for a unique immersion experience.

Using our extensive network and understanding of Chinese youth, along with a carefully implemented methodology and screening process, we organized multiple “fieldtrips” in each city. These were hosted by local trendsetters who provided valuable insight into localized perceptions, motivations, trends, and buying habits.

Unlike commonly used research approaches, this unique first-hand experience of the individual markets, combined with deep interaction with local trendsetters, revealed challenging insights for the Johnnie Walker team. The touring executives and their teams have had to re-evaluate and re-develop their new branding campaign to match the various characteristics of different local markets.

It was a resounding success and we are currently in conversations about another immersion research project for later this year.