We believe Echo Park has established a foundation for the next generation of Chinese Music Festivals.

The Chinese market now boasts some 54 annual music festivals. These range from those that have become household names – like Strawberry and Midi – to brave new entrants that are breaking fresh ground. But one thing unites these entertainment platforms – they are saturated with brands.

Echo Park was conceived as a platform that intended to draw on all the things sister company Split Works loves; through heartfelt, painstaking curation, the team brought together an experience around lifestyle that was pure, authentic and resonated with the needs of fans!

The Music

Y1 was pitched at a mixed audience of passionate music fans on the one hand, and people just looking for an amazing fun-filled day out on the other. This was demonstrated in the music curation over the two days, which included local favourites (Duck Fight Goose, Howie Lee, Nine Treasures), cutting-edge/emerging artists from abroad (Swim Deep, Young Fathers) and popular artists with mainstream appeal (e.g. K-pop idol Jay Park, Kelis, Talib Kweli, etc). The first day was promoted as an edgy musical experience, tending toward hard rockers and electro heads. The second day was a lighter “good vibes” affair, affording a more relaxed listening experience.

Each area of the festival site was designed to appeal to a different audience segment. Downtown was a general ‘hangout’ area featuring the main stage, and the Duck Bites Goose F&B zone. Outdoor seating provided a perfect opportunity to hang, taking in the sun and blue skies. The festival site itself was a key selling point, providing an escape from the urban jungle. The other two major areas were Thunderdome, featuring Stage Left (edgy rock programming) and Field of Dreams, which catered toward electronic / arts fans. People knew where they belonged, but also had the opportunity to try something new (if they dared).

3_Jay Park_于昊元_2

All the Rest

A combination of free-play activities surrounding the stages (including limbo, beer pong, twister, and cornhole) and scheduled activities such as frisbee workshops resulted in most fans participating in several non-music activities. According to our on-site festival survey, most fans had participated in at least 3 non-music activities. This should be encouraging for brands that aren’t going to be able to compete on the music front, but rather aim to enhance the festival experience through curated mini-experiences and games. Our fans seem to be open to doing more than listening, so we aim to continue building our non-music offerings.

*For full festival tracker insights please send an email to info@spla-t.com



Harbin was given the unique opportunity to present two graffiti walls on our festival site.  This gave Harbin  unparalleled exposure to our audience. In return they graciously provided us with product, which was served exclusively at our bars across the site.


Our team reached out to Summergate initially proposing an opportunity to sponsor our festival VIP clubhouse. We collaborated to create an experience that reflected the nature of the proposed brands – exclusivity, but with a level of care-free play – coming up with the Fat Cats concept.

Our value-in-kind deal provided Summergate’s 6 participating product brands with exclusive access to our most influential professional audience, which featured Split Works x Damai’s top 1000 contacts.

Deeper Insights

If you would like to know more about how the festival was perceived by attendees, and to explore potential opportunities to activate in this unique platform, Splatter would be happy to consult with you! Please get in contact.