Client:   Converse

We haven’t had a chance to properly thank your team and also express our gratitude for your great work and also for the razor insights you guys lent to the digital push. This has been a groundbreaking project and your team have been fantastic.”

– Stephanie Sun, Converse China Brand Manager

After buying back their Chinese license and in tandem with their 100 year anniversary, Converse engaged W K and Split Works (now Splatter) to relaunch the brand in style. Inspired by Dandi Wind’s Asia tour by Split Works, the Converse Love Noise Road Trip was born – the biggest alternative music tour in China’s History.

We conceived, produced, marketed (with a focus on digital and local) and were in charge of overall execution of the entire project, spanning almost a month and 7 cities in China.

– Split Works had only 5 weeks to find and brief a company to convert and build China’s first tour bus to sleep 12: 2 Beijing bands, a photographer, a videographer and a blogger would travel to 6 cities in 12 days.

– Split Works’ marketing team created huge local PR and awareness using a combination of SNS, IWOM and intrepid street teams.

  • All venues sold out with the largest crowds ever seen for Chinese bands at the venues used
  • Resulted in a unique documentary that forms the basis of all Converse Q4 communication
  • Huge in-store/retail activation