Co-organized by our sister company Split Works (China’s leading independent music promotion agency), and financed by one of China’s biggest entertainment companies (Taihe Live), the Black Rabbit Music Festival was voted #2 music festival in China by Sohu readers in its first year (2011).

Back to back one day festivals brought together well-known Chinese and Western artists on 4 stages in each of Beijing and Shanghai. The lineup of over 40 artists included 30 Seconds to Mars, Yellowcard, 120 Days, Ludacris, Perfume Genius, Gold Panda, and Grandmaster Flash.  Big name Chinese singers included S.H.E member Hebe Tien (田馥甄) and other stars Peng Tan (彭坦), PK14, Hanggai, and CiaCia.

Splatter ran an extensive Sponsorship and Activation programme: The NBA Streetjam arena supported by OPPO was based on the birth of hip hop in the 1970’s and how it interacted with basketball.  The stage was reminiscent of Kool Herc’s Hercules Sound System, on which early rappers, toasters and DJ’s battled it out on Queens’ streetball courts and it featured the man that “invented” the break, Grandmaster Flash. Sports enthusiasts could watch or take part in street style basketball tournaments interspersed with demonstrations from street ball experts, NBA legends and performances from the Tsing Tao cheerleading team, plus mentoring and contests organized by the NBA and OPPO.

Headline sponsor OPPO took pole position, owning the OPPO-site main stage, and featuring in creative branding all over the site. 25,000 pioneering music fans were blown backwards by the mix of quality production, creative site management and unique artist selection, Black Rabbit was unlike any other festival that China has ever seen.

Sponsors enjoyed over RMB25m in media value with media partnerships from the likes of the “Big Four” portals (Sohu, Sina, Tencent aka QQ, Netease), national wide radio broadcasts (HitFM, Love Radio, EasyFM) and national TV broadcasts (CCTV, BTV, ICS, MTV), amongst others.