Client:   Bacardi

Without the vision and loyalty of Split Works, I am in no doubt that this venture would not have been possible.”

– Trent Russell, Marketing Director, Bacardi China.

From 2006–2008, Split Works was responsible for building Bacardi’s presence in China through a multi-engagement campaign strategy implementing the brand’s Global B-Live platform.

We built the Bacardi Sino Sessions, which encompassed 10 live shows in Beijing & Shanghai of well known international artists and culminated in a second stage at Shanghai’s first International Contemporary Music Festival – YUE 2007.

Key Facts:

  • Over 15,000 attendees
  • 60,000 Handmade cocktails were trialed
  • 4 x ROI (valued independently by Zenith Optimedia)
  • Tie in to Bacardi’s KTV channel activity
  • Digital penetration was achieved through a stand-alone portal for the series and a network of SNSs