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Word From The Underground: An Update From Split United

Hello dear friends!

We’ve been busy over here at Split Towers, sharing our favorite music with China and increasingly, wider Asia.  We’ve been to 40 cities in China and another 15 in Asia. We’ve worked with bands from over 20 countries, across genres as diverse as blackgaze, indie electronica, continuous music, club trax, alt-country, world metal, doom drone and weightless. If you have a moment and a little inclination, please read on to discover the exciting developments that have taken place in the world of music marketing and band/brand collaborations during the time of the equines.

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Split United年度回顾

大家好!我们在办公室里拼命工作着,为的是能和在中国,乃至亚洲的大家分享我们喜爱的音乐。我们到过40座中国城市,15座亚洲城市;我们与来自超过20个国家的乐队有过合作,涵盖blackgaze、indie electronica、continuous music、club trax、alt-country、world metal、doom drone以及 weightless在内的各种风格(看不懂这些名词没关系,总之很多不同类型的音乐就是了)。如果你愿意花点时间,请继续阅读,以获得更多在音乐市场里发生的乐队/品牌合作进展。我们欢迎你发来反馈、建议和提问。

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Swatch + Art: The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Artist Residency Program

In this article, we present an interview with George van Wetering (the frontman of electro-pop / new wave band Monokino) in respect of his residency at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai. The residency is part of a wider campaign to incubate and build an art community in this vibrant creative metropolis. Interestingly, Monokino’s original line-up featured Yu Jin on keys, a former member of iconic band Cobra (眼镜蛇乐队) – the first all-girl rock band to come out of Beijing.

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在这篇文章里,我们将采访George van Wetering(电子摇滚乐队Monokino的主唱),听他讲述在上海Swatch和平饭店艺术中心的驻唱经历。这个项目意在建立和培育一个充满活动力的艺术社区,而本案例的主人公Monokino乐队中负责键盘的北京女孩虞进,则是前京城著名女子摇滚乐队“眼镜蛇”的键盘手。

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From the Radar / 来自Radar

Apps: An Alternative Source of Subsidy

China Music Radar recently offered some commentary on a show that was organized by Beijing-based electronic music crew The Syndicate. The crew partnered with travel app Skyscanner (天巡) to offer free entrance in return for app downloads. Is this a model for the future, or is dependence on brand subsidy a risky long-term play?

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China Music Radar近来就北京The Syndicate电子乐队的演出发表了评论。乐队与一个叫做Skyscanner的旅游APP合作,以下载APP换取免费入场。这是未来的发展模式?或者只是一次品牌放长线钓大鱼的玩票呢?

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What Went Splat

JUE | Music + Art Festival: 7 Years Together

It’s been an incredible seven years – JUE has grown from a handful of events across Beijing and Shanghai over a few days in 2009, to 135 events over 2½ weeks in 2014 which collectively drew some 36,000 attendees. The 2015 edition of JUE | Music + Art was one of our best yet, and we hope to be getting a wrap video out the works soon! For now, you can watch a deep dive into the world of JUE, presented by Expat Extra.

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我们已经一起度过了不可思议的7年 ——2009年开始,《觉》在上海和北京同时进行了几场演出,而到了2014年,《觉》已经成长为一个在2周半内带来135场表演、超过36000名参与者的音乐艺术节。2015年的《觉》是最好的一次,我们会尽快做完活动总结视频!你可以先看下Expat Extra制作的视频,领略下《觉》的精彩!

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The SOUND Format Change

To finish off this newsletter, we’d like to let you know that we will be sending mailouts more regularly – once per month. Activity in the live music sector in China is intensifying, and we want to make sure you can keep up to date on the latest developments.

If you do not wish to receive our communications then please feel free to unsubscribe. Otherwise we hope you will find our updates useful – feel free to share your thoughts with us either directly at or via our Split United LinkedIn page.



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