Event Magazine recently published an article which offers brands tips for making the most of music festival activations. The biggest challenge when planning any experiential initiative is perhaps figuring out how to maximise recall.

Certainly from a Chinese context, it’s often difficult for individual brands to get any cut-through, given multiple activations are often taking place on top of each other. The key is to plan way ahead, and to liaise directly with event planners to ensure the activation zones aren’t haphazardly plotted as an afterthought.

Different festivals have different identities, which often reflect the people who go to the event. It can be a bit of a chicken / egg scenario in terms of how a festival promotes itself vs. how fans make it their own after years of repeat attendance. However, by year three, a festival should have a pretty clear profile. As the article suggests, you need to find the right festival fit for your brand.

As a closing statement, we are told that the ultimate goal should be to become synonymous with a chosen festival over a number of years. This arguably is a best-case scenario and isn’t always realistic, with some brands simply desiring to dabble in live music without any real commitment toward building a music program. But whether it be a single or multi-year endeavor, at the least it certainly requires a commitment to really execute on ideas and collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure everyone leaves with a belief that fans are getting something special.