A documentary entitled “Web Junkie” has recently been teased, and looks set to be a real eye opener. As Internet access in China becomes increasingly widespread thanks to the introduction of cheap smartphones and improvement of domestic broadband services, the issue of addiction amongst youths has made its way onto the public radar.

We don’t know of a single brand that doesn’t in some way flirt with digital. Brands encourage youths to get connected, to link up and engage with each other and with various product offerings. With Internet addiction being classified as a clinical disorder in China, should brands incorporate the issue into their CSR efforts? Particularly given the on-going/imminent introduction of sponsored app download ads on major messaging platforms. What can businesses do to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to support parents and raise awareness of the risks to health digital inclusion can bring: to know when participation becomes escapism?

Here is a trailer for the documentary:

You can read more about the issue of Internet addiction via China Digital Times.