Following the sponsorship of the 10th Beijing Punk Festival last year, Dr. Martens once again returns to China’s rock capital with a show at Tango. The event falls under the #StandForSomething campaign, which has also been rolled out across the UK and US.

The show will be free, however entrance will only be permitted to those sporting their own pair of Docs, or fans who participate in various social media giveaways leading up to the event. Participating acts include Chochukmo (HK), Re-TROS, Subs, Poshangcun, The Lowest Flying, and a special guest.

#StandForSomething sounds an awful lot like Guinness’s Made Of More campaign. It’s interesting to see how brands are experimenting with authenticity in the arts and drawing this into their product offerings. In this case both Dr. Martens and Guinness have colourful histories from which to draw – every brand needs a story. But in a time where everyone and everything has a story, one has to wonder whether newer entrants to market will struggle going forward to create some kind of a mark in history.

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