Gifs (small animations / low-resolution film clips) have now become an international phenomenon thanks to specialist platforms such as Vine. However, creatively drawing on the limitations of the format to encourage participation from consumers is a challenge that few have really tackled. Gifs tend to have an inevitably gimmicky appeal, however we’ve found an example of an application for gifs in a marketing strategy that looks to make use of the format within a wider narrative; one that adds value to the campaign and user experience alike.

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 6.17.38 PM

According to Musically, Google has been working closely with Isobar to find ways to better showcase how their products can be used in more experimental ways. Isobar worked with Italian rock band Subsonica to launch a campaign ahead of the band’s world tour. Going under the hashtag #GIFDIDOMENICA, fans were asked to share gifs to the band’s Google+ artist page that represent what Sunday means to them (“Di Domenica” translates to “Sunday”, the name of their latest single). The winner of the competition will have their gif featured on the band’s tech jackets on stage for their upcoming tour.

Here, we have a great example of a campaign leveraging a trending medium and exciting new technology to offer a truly unique proposition for fans. The band also benefits from having access to a trove of user-generated content they may look to use for other elements of their marketing strategy.

View contributed gifs here.

View the band’s official site here.