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It’s been an incredible seven years – JUE has grown from a handful of events across Beijing and Shanghai over a few days in 2009, to 135 events over 2½ weeks in 2014 which collectively drew some 36,000 attendees. All the while, JUE has remained an entirely self-funded initiative.

When we launched JUE seven long years ago, China was a very different place. The creative communities were few and far between, stratified and uncommunicative. We created JUE | Music + Art in order to try and connect these communities, and promote music and art that wasn’t getting attention from the Chinese media and potential fans.

But the market in China has changed, and that is a wonderful thing. In Shanghai and Beijing particularly, there is now a resplendent array of thriving live houses, galleries, arts communities, cultural centers and even festivals. You could say that our initial mission has been accomplished.

The 2015 edition was one of our best yet, and we hope to be getting a wrap video out the works soon! For now you can watch this deep dive into the world of JUE, presented by Expat Extra:


“You guys are by far the best event organizers in China we have encountered or heard of!… We look forward to any potential opportunity to collaborate in the future, and will definitely spread the word to recommend you guys in our area of work.”

(Owen C. Marketing Director / Partner, 8IGHT Motor Ltd.)