At the end of March, London-based agency and party collective Urban Nerds was selected by restaurant chain Burger & Lobster to create an experience around the launch of the brand’s latest restaurant.

The concept involves creating Burger & Lobster’s “second self” – a personality that will be centered on “decadent cultural expressions, brought to life through a night of forward-thinking electronic music”.


As reported in event magazine, Luke Hodson, founder of Urban Nerds stated: “Being able to work with brands that share our values and aren’t afraid to challenge traditions is exactly where we want to be.” On the surface it’s difficult to see the connection between a restaurant chain specializing in burgers and lobster, and an underground electronic music collective. But perhaps the answer comes through when we consider their values, as Hodson says.

Challenging traditions:

Burger & Lobster is famous for being incredibly simple – 2 dishes, no menus, and no fuss. This contradicts the popular notion that having more choice is indicative of a good eating experience. On the other hand, Urban Nerds Collective started out by hosting live electronic music experiences in industrial clubs and warehouses. Their mission was to break new, raw UK talent and underground genres. The connection: the mentality. Tackled in the right way, there is no reason why an appropriate link between burgers and cutting-edge electronic music couldn’t be forged. We’ll have to see how this manifests in practical terms later.

A Lesson for Chinese Brands?

The best partners aren’t necessarily those doing the same kinds of ‘stuff’. To stand out in China, it might be worth exploring new disciplines and seeking people and businesses with a specific kind of mentality, rather than just a relevant remit of activities and associations.