Brand-generated content forms the base of any campaign, but the real dividend of an experiential investment is consumer-generated activity and its impact. Everything you do will be scrutinized, discussed, and evaluated by your network across the social web. As experts in using this to your advantage, we have built a framework for your social media strategy that encompasses 6 key considerations:

AUDIENCE | OBJECTIVES | STRATEGIC PLAN | TACTICS | TOOLS |                                                METRICS

Digital Media & Mobile Marketing

Underneath the digital marketing strategies that we develop, there is one common thread: the power of technology. The science of digital marketing is about technology that delivers, measures and serves your campaigns and messages to the right people, at the right time, for the most value. Your customers are more of a moving target than ever before: digital media and mobile marketing give you the freedom of the road, the ability to drive on over to where fans are listening and pick them up, so to speak.