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Who We Are

Splatter was one of the first specialist music & creative consultancies to be established in China.

We are the market leader in utilising music and entertainment to activate brands in a notoriously complex consumer environment. We incorporate technology, art, fashion and sport (where relevant) for a truly comprehensive approach.

Splatter is the sister company of music promotion company Split Works, which has been active in China since 2006.

Our Network

This network of complimentary business units services the entire scope of the music industry and allows for the sharing of resources and knowledge for the benefit of our clients.

Split Works

Split Works







China Music Radar

China Music Radar

Split United

What We Do

We are a specialist communications agency based in China. We connect brands with Chinese youth through music, entertainment and technology.

We work closely with clients to orchestrate powerful activations, build consumer bases & increase brand loyalty using genuine expertise and insight. We ultimately help brands to sell more, in a competitive and fragmented market.

Splatter is a best-of-breed agency, capable of managing specialised projects whilst informing national-scale campaigns. We can also plug-in our various services into existing agency rosters to enhance music knowledge and expertise.

How We Do It

Splatter staff are genuine musos: we draw from on-the-ground expertise and insights that can help your brand to use music to communicate ideas and drive campaigns with market relevancy. Who knows, maybe you’ll be empowered to contribute to the local music culture! We use the following objective tools:


Measuring ROI

The success of your music communications strategy and the associated return on investment depends on three major factors: fit, engagement & execution.

● Relevance of the content to the target audience
● Relevance between the content and the brand

● Does your audience feel a personal sense of relevance?

● A seamless integration of the first two elements working together with memorable creative
● Consumer recall of the brand and its contribution to the experience
● The value of additional supporting activity generated (publicity, consumer generated content, word of mouth, buzz etc.)

Contact us for advice on how you can leverage these elements for an inspiring campaign. info@spla-t.com

Band Love

We have developed a proprietary measurement tool fondly referred to as Band Love.

Band Love uses an algorithm to assess the current relative popularity of an artist. We have been using this tool for 4 years and can accurately measure trending popularity over time.

This objectivity is hugely important for any music communications strategy and this technology is reserved exclusively for our clients.

Do you want relevance and “zeitgeist” in your campaigns? Contact us for a Band Love sample assessment on your current music strategy.


The Music x Brand Wheel highlights the various tactics you and your brand can utilize to gain the largest return on investment for your communication dollar.


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News Bite: JUE | Music + Art 2014 Wrap Video

We’re happy to finally present a wrap video of JUE | Music + Art 2014! With help from Solveig Suess and the folks at Redscale Studios Shanghai, we were able to capture and record some beautiful moments that took place across the 17 days of festivities! www.JUEfestival.com

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